Industry Day, Hedon Inmans School - singing "Margherita Pizza"



This photo was taken in the bathroom - thanks, Dad!


Calla Llonga, Ibiza, September 2008





Last three photos by Darren,



Near Santa Marta, Colombia, 2004, singing, "El Amor de Jesus" (The Love of Jesus). I was visiting my friend, Dave Taylor, Assemblies of God Missionary to Colombia. Dave has built schools, a medical centre and a sports centre in Santa Marta. Check him out on Facebook.

Here is some information from Dave's Facebook page:

My name's David Taylor and I'm an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God of Great Britain. I'm married to Dary Luz, I have three children, Maria Camila who's 13, and two sons, David Hudson just 3 years old and Nathan James who was 2 in October. I live in Santa Marta, Colombia where I founded Fundacion Oasis de Esperanza & Colombia ChildCare




Here is a picture from May 1988, in front of Holy Trinity Church, Hull. I'm on the left, wearing the shades and playing bass. To see who some of the others are, visit my Facebook page.



Keswick, July 2012 - Sing Song. Left to right: Andrew, Andrew, Karen, Tony and Andrew.

Keswick, July 2012 - some of the team


Xanders, October 2012

Xanders, October 2012


Xanders, November 2012



December 2012