"Just a simple Melody - that's all that I cam sing to you ..."

 Here are some audio clips. I hope you will enjoy listening to them.

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 (Photo by David Grassam)



One of Tony's best ever songs: Smooth, jazzy, melodic, romantic

"Forever, in a Song"

                Photo by Darren: www.aceaspades.co.uk 

To hear the complete recording, please go to:                                        https://soundcloud.com/tony-cooke-1/forever-in-a-song-1

Available from iTunes:                                                             https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/forever-in-a-song/id599930478?i=599930479




                                                                                                      Xanders, November 2012

Thanks for this, Lindsey:
"Tony Cooke - The happiest man alive. Tony plays a fantastic mix of jazzy chill out music that is sure to calm even the wildest of minds. Seriously you have to hear him to understand how happy he is !"

          Lindsey SimpsonHull Singer/Songwriter and Music Promoter  


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"It's Summer Time" +

"It Really Matters!!!"

"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!"


(Songs Number 9, 10, 11 and 16)

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Just a simple melody, that's all that I can sing to you,                   Just a poor man's symphony; a song of love I bring to you!                I searched for the right words and I tried to make them true!         Oh, and just a simple melody - that's all I have for you!



"Christmas Memories"

Brand New Christmas Song:

Words by George Mack, Music by Tony Cooke.

George sent me a beautiful lyric, all about Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child, and I set it to music. If you want to hear the complete recording, please go to: https://soundcloud.com/tony-cooke-1/christmas-memories-wav-16-bit


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I'd like to say a big "THANK YOU" to my friend, Paul Rogers. Paul and I have often played live together and he has played keyboards/piano on a lot of my recordings. If I say "I'd like some jazzy, 'Nat King Cole - style' piano playing", he can do it, or I may say, "It's a 1970s' style pop song" or "It's a country song". Whatever I say, he always adds something extra special in the style of the song. Paul has played for Simon Townshend (Pete's brother) and supported bands like Duran Duran and The Pretenders. If you ever need a piano teacher, a wedding pianist, or a keyboard player for your band or function, I can recommend him.  He has a website: www.paulrogerspiano.com  , where you can find his contact details. (If anyone wants to know the story behind his email address, I can tell you that, too!)