Keswick Christian Convention, July 2012 - Prospects Group. We held meetings for people with learning disabilities. Here we are, having a "sing-song" at the place where we stayed. What a great team! Left to right, Andrew, Andrew, Karen, Tony and Andrew. 


Tony has a heart for people with learning disabilities. Since 2003, he has been a leader with the Beverley Causeway Group, a Christian-led group which works with adults who have learning difficulties.

Tony has also worked in Special Schools, including Ganton School, Broadacre School, Hull and King's Mill in Driffield. Activities have included singing, using classroom instruments and a choir.

All of the services offered to Primary Schools are available to Special Schools, where appropriate. The young people are usually very responsive to music and enquiries from these schools are very welcome.

For a free demonstration, to find out more or to book, please ring or text: 07989 140033 or email:  



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