Tony has worked regularly in children's nurseries since 1998. He relates well to children - he used to go to school with them - and can communicate on their level.


The repertoire is what one would expect: nursery rhymes, children's songs and requests. Classroom instruments, including tambourines, maracas, bells, drums etc. may be used.

The song, "Let's go party", featured on the Mp3 jukebox, is often requested by nursery children and staff.

Usually, a visit to a nursery entails going in for about an hour, singing with one large group or two or three smaller groups - toddlers and pre-schoolers, for example. Sometimes it is a weekly visit, sometimes fortnightly, sometimes once a month or for special occasions.

Recently (May 2011), an OFSTED inspector was very complimentary about the way Tony involved the children in making music.


For a free session, to find out more or to book, please ring or text: 07989 140033 or email:


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"Just a simple Melody"

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