Modern Foreign Languages in Primary Schools


As you know, it is becoming essential for primary schools to teach at least one modern foreign language. Young children are very receptive to different languages and of course music, games and role-play are very useful in helping to facilitate learning.

Tony is a graduate of Hull University and a Bachelor of Arts in German (2:1). He speaks fluent French and Swedish and some Dutch, Spanish and Italian. He also sings some simple songs in Hebrew and African languages.

Some schools have a 'European Day' or a 'French Day' and Tony has often participated by teaching songs from the countries, in their original language, in order to give the children a better understanding of the culture. A recent day included teaching a song in Chinese. Songs can also be recorded and put onto a CD. Usually there is a performance to which parents/ relatives are invited.

Tony has often been commissioned to write and record songs which help children to learn Modern Foreign Languages. An early project was a CD and Book of Folk Songs from around the World including songs from Holland, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. Another was "Language through Song", three original songs, which taught various phrases in a number of languages.  

L'Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Bateaux sur la Seine, Paris

A subsequent project was "Chantons le Francais", a collection of songs and jingles, on CD and CD-Rom, which cover various aspects of the French Language, including introductions, telling the time, animals, the weather, giving directions and the colours. A song from "Chantons" can be downloaded, for free, from the Mp3 Jukebox.


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"Just a simple Melody"

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