'The exercise of Synging is delightful to Nature and good to preserve ye Health of Man. Itt doth strengthen all parts of ye brest and doth open ye pipes.' William Byrd



Tony has provided music for primary schools, special schools and children's nurseries, on a regular basis, since 1995. He mainly uses the guitar as accompaniment, with harmonica and kazoo. Recently he has added mandolin and ukulele. He has also been known to play piano.

Tony offers a range of services, including:

Helping children of all ages to develop their singing voices, using vocal "warm-up" exercises, designed to improve intonation and "unlock" the singing voice.Children should enjoy singing and it should be tuneful and free from strain. 

Singing songs with children, which are appropriate to their age and development. This can include nursery rhymes, pop songs, folk songs, sea shanties, songs about road safety, assembly songs, songs from different lands, jazz standards and songs which link to other areas of the curriculum. (Examples of the latter include, "We're gonna hang out the Washing on the Siegfried Line", "We'll meet again", "Run, Rabbit, Run", "White Cliffs of Dover", "Imagine me on the Maginot Line", "White Cliffs of Dover" and "Bless 'em all" (History - World War 2), "The Keeper" (History - The Tudors), "Banana Boat Song", "Coconut Woman", "Island in the Sun" (Geography - The Caribbean), songs from the Victorian and Music Hall era, etc.)

Help with songs which seem difficult at first, but are very rewarding musically, e.g. part songs, rounds etc.

Helping children to develop musical skills, using classroom instruments. This can include using drums, tambourines, claves, maracas etc.

Tuition, both individual and up to whole classes, in Recorder and Guitar. Ukulele and Mandolin for beginners.

Song-Writing Workshops, gathering ideas from the children, on a given theme and helping them to make up their own verses and tunes. This helps to reinforce learning - themes so far have included War, Road Safety, Fairy Tales and many aspects of the school curriculum.

Taking Classes or sections of the school for various meaningful musical activities, while the teachers have their PPA Time.

Participation in Concerts, Services, Outdoor Events, Music Festivals and other related activities.

Recording, using digital equipment. Results can be put onto computer and transferred to CD if desired. This gives a permanent record of work which may be kept as evidence for inspectors. Some schools have been able to produce their own CDs which have been sold and, in some cases, given away to family and friends. Sometimes, charities and/or school funds have benefited from the sales.


Industry Day at Inmans School, Hedon. The Hull Daily Mail, British Aerospace, the Police and others were there. Tony's job was to write jingles with groups of children about what they had been learning. Here, the team is performing a jingle called, "Marguerita Pizza" at the end of the day. The event was organised by the then Humber Education and Business Link (Humber EBLO).

The aim in all of the above activities is that both children and schools will benefit. Musical activities can improve confidence and help children to work together. Music can be linked to other areas of the curriculum and reinforce learning. Children often sing the songs in the playground and this helps them to play nicely together.

For a free demonstration, to find out more or to book, please ring or text 07989 140033 or email: tony@tonytunes.co.uk 


Tony Cooke is on Facebook:    tony.cooke.39@facebook.com