Tony Cooke


Tony Cooke is a singer and musician from Hull who often works with children. Much of his work has been with children between the ages of two and eleven, in nurseries and primary schools. He sings children's songs, from nursery rhymes to pop songs, using the usual resources, including the A&C Black books.

Tony's work includes singing songs with children, to guitar accompaniment, using classroom instruments when appropriate. He also teaches guitar and recorder in schools.

Tony is a graduate of Hull University. He has a degree in German (2:1) with Swedish, Dutch and French. He collects songs from around the world, in their original languages, and sometimes teaches children to sing these, for example when the school has a European Day or a Language Assembly for children, staff and parents.

Tony also writes songs, including children's songs, Christian choruses and songs for adults, including folk, pop and jazz. Some of his work in schools has included writing songs with children to go with themes, e.g. Fairy Tales, Road Safety and World War 2.He also writes songs to teach simple language and is the author of "Chantons le Francais", a package which consists of audio CD and CD-Rom, the latter containing sheet music, grammar and other information.

One person who has kindly agreed to provide Tony with a reference is Bridget Handby, retired Head of Burton Agnes Primary School, where Tony has worked regularly since 2000. Mrs Handby can be contacted by e-mail on:

Tony can also provide clear CRB documents. He offers a free demonstration of his work to interested schools (travel expenses gratefully received).

Tony is a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers.

To learn more about Tony's work, please visit: , where you may also download some of his songs for free.

To contact Tony, ring 079 89 140033

or e-mail: